"Thinking faults do not ache" (according to Holliger-Uebersax)
Welcome to the Morphological Institute Scheler.


You are about to form your personal genius* systematically. The Scheler Morphological Institute improves methodically and systematically the devolopment of

* A genius is usually defined as an extraordinary personality to whom this capacity is attributed by nature. This definition of a genius is inhuman on one hand as nearly all other people are excluded and on the other hand a wrong perception of the research and development process is generated. The view is limited to the very moment of when the idea of the innovative solutions comes into mind. Often the prelimary work that leaded to the innovative idea is disregarded. In his book "Everyone is a genius" Prof Fritz Zwicky points out the fact that all human being have potential to develop systematically ingenius capacities.

The Applied Creative Morphology improves this personal process methodically and systematically. The routine and save dealing with changes and the methodical and systematical way of creating innovations is more important today than ever to cope adequately with new challenges and tasks. With the Morphological Approach big mistakes in thinking processes e.g. for the design of new systems can be avoided.

"Unité de méthode" - consent in methodical processes

is the need of the moment. Working with Morphological Methods saves time, money and resources, improves the security in application and also the joy of dealing with challenges and the courage to go for innovations.

The Scheler Morphological Institute improves the comprehensive approach and the methodical systematical structuring of processes concerning changes and innovations.

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