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Development to the practical creative-morphology

"Morpho" comes from the Greek language and means form, shape.

The term "Morphology" goes back to Goethe. He used the term in a narrow sense to categorize things e. g. flowering plants, minerals and shape of clouds. He described in a wider sense a methodical theory to discover new things.

The astro physicist Prof. Fritz Zwicky (1898 - 1974), picked up the term "Morphology" from Goethe und developed a methodical theory which supports the process of discovering, investigating, innovating and delivering the corresponding view.

Zwicky assumed that competent solving of pioneer problems need a specific science which deals with all that hinders the creative process and improves it above all. In addition he reckoned that a profession of its own will develop whose main task will be to track down and solve the "aberrations of the human mind".

The mathematician Hermann Holliger-Uebersax (1925 - 1988) continued to develop Zwicky's ideas and created his own business as professional morphologist in the sixties. He made out of the Applied Creative Morphology a interdisciplinary science of methods for creative thinking, decision making and action in a structured way. This science is aimed to be applied with competent action in pioneer situations. The Applied Creative Morphology assists in finding solutions for problems that exceed the routine knowledge and skills and form a creative claim on individuals, project teams and organizations. The Applied Creative Morphology brings to your disposal the necessary view, attitudes and methods.

The Applied Creative Morphology gains its methods from all sciences where procedures for the solution of new problems have proven as efficient. They will be generalized and therefore will be at the disposal for experts from other areas who can easily apply those methods themselves. The creative approach and methods of philosophers as Socrates, Plato, Rene Descartes, Bolzano, Leibnitz have been integrated as well as the views from the bio chemist W. Ostwald and the American entrepreneur E. Land.

Hans-Joachim Scheler studied under Hermann Holliger-Uebersax in 1983 and established the Scheler Morphological Institute in 1987. The Institute continues to develop systematically the Applied Creative Morphology and puts it into action for individual solutions in all business areas.

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