Introduction to the Applied Creative Morphology

• The organization of an integrated innovative culture begins with the individual, with his way of communicating, his leadership behaviour, his way of thinking and his approach to deal with unknown situations and ideas.

• Smaller and bigger challenges will appear permanently, for the individual, for a team, for a department and the whole enterprise. Mostly unnoticed you get from a routine situation into a Pioneer-Situation. Now it is very important to proceed more carefully and methodically systematically as usual to save time, money and other resources.

• The Scheler Morphological Institute offers all essential morphological methods and "new" ways of thinking for individuals as well as for teams with smaller or bigger projects. The leadership level may also benefit in most particular ways.

• Creative thinking, decision making and acting becomes well structured and can be integrated in a pleasant way into the daily business. So individuals, teams, departments and the whole enterprise stay easier capable of acting in challenging situations. Also medium sized enterprises are able to get advantages in competition with this newly gained know how.

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